Windsor for the Derby

Earnest Powers

EJ 36 CD
released Mar 2002

A collection of single sides and previously unreleased instrumental tracks from guitar-chiming, ambient beauticians Windsor for the Derby. Eleven tracks of some of the strongest material the group ever recorded, all of it being unavailable in any format for years, if ever at all.

"Which of the following does not describe the longtime sort-of-local group Windsor for the Derby? 1.) cerebral. 2.) groovy. 3.) sappy. Anyone who's heard these mostly instrumental post-rockers, split between Austin and New York since core member Dan Matz left for the Big Apple in 1996, would answer No. 3 in a heartbeat. This is a band that, in their time here as a regularly performing unit, never really felt comfortable in a club, only able to truly stretch their wings in oddball venues where they could consume the listener's attention with their sublime, multi-part hypno-rock epics. For a full primer on the old Windsor, Emperor Jones brings us Earnest Powers +, a new odds-and-ends collection. A band that has always been concerned with album flow, Windsor appears to have stockpiled some quality material. Earnest Powers + is a brisk walk through Windsor's enthralling web of circular grooves, including a pair of very successful drum-machine experiments. It jams, and it's got a playfulness about it -- it's Windsor for the Derby's Ciccone Youth, only they bring their strong A-game to these B-sides." - Michael Chamy,Austin Chronicle

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