Trumans Water

Trumans Water

EJ-38 CD
Release date June 2001

"In 2001, Trumans Water released its self-titled sixth album. The disc featured more off-the-wall displays of unpredictable and intricate indie rock. As its second effort on the Texas-based Emperor Jones Records, the group produced a dizzying 15-track album. From the hard rush of "Wilt Banana" to the quirky and refreshing "Limping Towards Oblivion," the band's output continued to be challenging and full of twists and turns. The dissonant outbursts on songs like "Rinsed in Ashes" and "Equatorial Antarctica" shine a light on the band in all its glory, marching forward through muddy chords and aggressive riffs, never giving in to predictability. The band continues to impress near the disc's end with the organic and choppy "Second Wind," while "Limits of the New Deal" enchants with an engaging yet subtle jam session to start off the track. More poignant layers of sound are featured on "Another Day in the Dream Museum," while "Sun Tastes Like Fire" closes out the disc with a surprisingly tamed-down acoustic gem." - Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide

Fragments of a Lucky Break

EJ-23 CD
Release date August, 1998

Remember when bashing your head felt better? For the few of us who still refuse to sit down at shows, thank God for Trumans Water.

Trumans create form out of rather free guitar chords and spat vocals - a collage of nihilism, emotion and exploration. A dozen or two LPs, EPs, singles and cassettes on nearly as many labels -- Drunken Fish, Homestead, their own Justice My Eye -- has proliferated since 1991, each with its own treasures. This new album ranks with their best (a more condensed Spasm Smash, perhaps).

This record marks Glen Galaxy’s return to the band. Trumans left their native San Diego in 1994 for Portland, leaving Glen behind to start his divinely inspired band Soul-Junk. This reuniting of sorts isn’t much a return to form (“What form?”, you‘d be right to ask) as a new and fresh take on Trumans’ guitar-based envelope expansion.

Fragments still sounds fundamentally experimental in nature (savor the loopy spread of “Your Courage”), but not without those wonderful sideways melodies that flow like adrenaline out of nearly every song (like the irresistible “A Tiny World with the Jitters”).

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