Tia Carrera

Tia Carrera

EJ 65 LP
released Aug 2004

Behold the Texas molten psych/blues band’s stoned masterpiece, a 50 minute ride of 60s Heaven through 70s Hell. Though they’ve never practiced once, Tia Carrera features a trio of seasoned smokers convening with a mission to create HEAVY improv rock, and their long-standing residence every Psychedelic Friday (at Room 710 in Austin) is a thing of legend to the committed. Recorded live and presented in a sick, eye-piercing pink and black silkscreened cover printed on heavy stock.

MP3: "Untitled"

“This instrumental power trio from Austin jams with A-bomb quality, like the 1970s German band Guru Guru shredding Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Machine Gun’ at half-speed.” (David Fricke, Rolling Stone magazine May 27 2004)

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