Fall 2003 on Emperor Jones:
an Embarrassment of Riches (mostly an embarrassment)

Mark your calendars for some delicious new EJ releases hitting the racks in the coming months. You can order these new ones from midheaven.com, and stores may order them from Revolver and Carrot Top.

Oct 7

Hala Strana (S/T debut album) CD
Steven R Smith follows up his Jewelled Antler debut (as Hala Strana) with
a lush set of Eastern European Folkmusik-inspired songs. This is not ethnological preservation, but a starting point. Instruments like gourd guitar, clay flowerpots, glockenspiel, violin and bottles find their way into the mix.

Primordial Undermind Thin Shells of Revolution CD

Brand new album, brand new lineup (including two drummers -- hott!), An hour of drool-worthy, loopy Texas-sun-baked psych for your earholes. Includes a mind-melting reading of the Dead Kennedys' "Kinky Sex (Makes the World Go 'Round)."

100% Storms Ensemble A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World’s Fair 12" mini LP
Eric Morrison (Leels, Home) scored the music and tricked many wonderful
musicians into performing this lovely lullaby, described by Time Magazine as "a new post-facto musical piece meant to capture the dizzy elation of America fishtailing on a wet highway just before careening headlong into WWII." DMM black wax, and you can confuse your cats with the sleek glow in the dark cover.

Oct 28

Crack Pipes Snakes in my Veins CD
Texas' best sweaty garage howlers, the 'Pipes follow up their Sympathy debut with an opus that preaches the Blues in a soul-stirring sermon on Super Motel 8s, H-Bombs, and boulevards named MLK and then wraps up with show-stopping versions of songs by Eric Burdon and Aretha Franklin. The real shit, for real.

Alastair Galbraith/Constantine Karlis Radiant CD
A monstrous collaboration between two of New Zealand’s most vital underground musicians. Alastair Galbraith has nearly two decades’ worth of projects and records under his belt, and Constantine Karlis pounds skins for NZ’s High Dependency Unit (HDU), a psychedelic punk rock outfit. On Radiant’s title track, Galbraith’s trance-state guitar loops and violin are melded with Karlis’ metronymic drum bursts for a 35 minute ride to meditational bliss.

Nov 18

Thuja All Strange Beasts of the Past CD

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (S/T debut EP) CDEP

And coming in 2004

Leels Cannonballs and Silver Tongues CD
Tia Carrera live LP
Steven R Smith Kohl LP with book (vinyl reissue of a limited CDR)
Paul Newman CD

Please call home, black mayonnaise

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