Chris Smith

Map Ends: 1995-2001

EJ 47 CD
released Mar 2002

A collection of new songs and material from the Australian-only Replacement and Cabin Fever albums from Melbourne guitar fog reconstructor Chris Smith. Eight tracks that play like a diary of sound obsession, with remarkably deep bass bursts, buzzing and moaning guitars, and faint rhythmic pulses.

MP3: "Fake Hand"

Map Ends 1995 - 2001
(Emperor Jones)

A vital release that collects moments from the first two releases, plus a few odds and ends, by one of Australia's finest, Chris Smith. Mr. Smith has been exploring a sad, frozen world inside his guitar for some years now, and each report back from the depths grows with a tragic beauty which is fast becoming of National Heritage status. I cannot help but be totally moved by this man's music - he travels the pathways of darkness and melancholy and arrive at places where few can even begin to reach. To me he sits with the finest moments of NZ noise/psych giants the Dead C, and more obscurely, the pagan trance of Norway's black metal high priest, Burzum. It's perfect music for a rainy day, when you sit by a blazing fire and want to be transported by a glorious drone that's evangelical but in no way christian, when you look out at a sky that is a river of heavy rain, rolling down from the mountain: huge and unsolid.

Yes, this music moves me.

Yes, this is very special and yes, you need to hear it, because you need to know that the insipid, gutless music that passes for underground or different in Australia today is utter crap that has no soul, that treats you simply as a niche market, is not all there is; for in the astonishing soundscapes conjured by the unconscious, feral magic of this one man lies a place to rest and be bathed in the holy light of the truth.

- (Andrew Harper, RANT)

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