The Crack Pipes

Beauty School

EJ-68 CD
Release date April 2005

A remarkable change in sound marks The Crack Pipes' fourth release. Beauty School's thirteen songs follow a course through American music from the gritty Howlin' Wolf stomper of the opening track to the chamber strings of the reprise finale. Some country teasin', a little tasty funk and plenty of garage rockin' good times all await.

"East Side Injections" digs deep into ghetto issues and "Reflections in a Bad Light" is the best anti-cocaine song of the decade, but the album's highpoint is "Q&A" which answers all the questions, one by one, as to why this band is called The Crack Pipes. Believe it!

The Crack Pipes have gone to beauty school and now can see the beauty in all things, from the swaying branch of a lonely tree to the wreckage of a man passed out on the street, it's the blues and the super yeah yeah sound, come on up to the lighthouse for the blind.

MP3: "Q & A"

Snakes in my Veins

EJ-62 CD
Release date Oct 28, 2003

Texas' best sweaty garage howlers, the 'Pipes follow up their Sympathy debut with an opus that preaches the Blues in a soul-stirring sermon on Super Motel 8s, H-Bombs, and boulevards named MLK and then wraps up with show-stopping versions of songs by Eric Burdon and Aretha Franklin. The real shit, for real.

MP3: "Avenues and Boulevards"

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