100% Storms Ensemble

A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World’s Fair

EJ-54 12" mini LP
Released Oct 2003

A rare vinyl-only offering from Emperor Jones by the 100% Storms Ensemble, the bedroom symphony project of one Eric Morrison, also of Home and Leels. A Symphonic Dance for the 1939 World's Fair is a new post-facto musical piece meant to capture the dizzy elation of America fishtailing on a wet highway just before careening headlong into WWII. Various strings, french horn, clarinet and flute combine with more basic rock elements to sweep you into its pomp and circumstance.

The B-side is an 18-minute epic chamber rock collage, perhaps resembling a lost piece by the aforementioned Home.

This lovely release features direct to metal mastered black vinyl and sleek glow in the dark cover and is a numbered edition of 300.

Plays the Music of Eric D. Morrison

EJ 43 CD
released Oct 2001

Ten magical, expansive orchestral scores composed by Eric Morrison of Home. More Fantasia than Arvo Part, the ensemble uses piano, strings, horns, and a variety of woodwinds to perform these dark and bright compositions. Includes a song submitted to the impending 2012 Olympic Games in New York, a La Monte Young-type mediation, and more, as well as three fully compatible 16mm short films.

MP3: "Paris"

Quest'album è una vera stranezza. Concepito dal pianista Eric D. Morrison, già noto per essere stato la mente dei "neopsichedelici" Home, l'Ensemble è una formazione da camera basata su piano, flauto, corno francese, clarinetto e violino. Ma non pensate alla Penguin Café Orchestra o ai Rachel's: sareste fuori strada. Basti dire che la prima traccia vorrebbe essere la colonna sonora per le Olimpiadi del 2012 a New York, che la suite centrale in tre movimenti (molto suggestiva) è stata commissionata per un matrimonio di amici (tali Tim e Brook Kearley) e che la ghost-track posta in chiusura è una sonata per pianoforte, pioggia e tuoni. "Performing the Music of.." però, è qualcosa in più di un semplice gioco di citazionismo "autoironico": la predisposizione innata per atmosfere cinematiche dal sapore (una volta tanto...) arioso e solare conferiscono a questo disco un fascino antico e "familiare", che non fatica a farci innamorare fin dal primo ascolto delle sue melodie cristalline e assolutamente fuori moda. Che, più che a Michael Nyman, rimandano a "Fantasia" di Walt Disney, o alle orchestrazioni di Van Dyke Parks. (7.5/10) (Maurizio Marino, Rockerilla)

(babelfish "translation"):
This album is one true stranezza. Conceived from the pianista Eric D. Morrison, already famous in order to have been the mind of the "neopsichedelici" Home, the Ensemble is a formation from room based on plan, flauto, French horn, clarinetto and violino. But not thoughts to the Penguin Café Orchestra or the Rachel' s: you would be outside road. Pack-saddles to say that the first trace would want to be the sonorous column for the Olympic Games of 2012 to New York, than the suite it centers them in three movements (much evocative one) is commissioned for a wedding of friends (such Tim and Brook Kearley) and that ghost-track the mail in closing is one sonata for pianoforte, rain and thunders. "Performing the Music of.", but, is something in more than a simple game of "autoironico" citazionismo: the innata predisposition for cinematic atmospheres from the sapore (once a lot.) airy and solar they confer to this disc an ancient and "familiar" fascination, than hard work it does not make us to innamorare the first one since I listen absolutely of its crystalline melodie and $R-fuori.moda. That, more than to Michael Nyman, they send back to "Fantasy" of Walt Disney, or to the orchestrazioni of Van Dyke Parks.

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